I will help you to find a furniture that you need to make your life easier, comfortable and elegant with any budget.


Choosing the right flooring for the right application is as important as the astatic. Choices are unlimited and I will help you to narrow it down and make a right decision.


choosing the right drapery or blind will add a warmth and visual interest to the room and also create a function and privacy as well.


Space planning for new or existing space: it is very important for any home owner to have a space not only visually pleasing in eyes but to be functional and easy to live in. As an interior designer, I will sit down with you and learn about how you will use the space so I can plan it out to suit your needs perfectly.


Select colors, wall coverings, and finish materials on your wall will help you to express your personal style and set the mood for everyday living. Also, it gives you the opportunity to show off your personal taste or even your memorabilia on your wall.

As a designer I will help you to bring your personal touches to a room and help your personality and your culture to shine by using the right accessories, heirlooms and decorative area rugs and art works to your home.



Helping you to choose the right fabric not only to reflect your style but the durability you need base on your life style.



Every room calls for different kind of lightings to make your task easier and provide the right moods. I will help you if you need to improve that.

Helping you to select the products specification that used in your home such as choosing the right counter top, flooring, pluming fixture, cabinet hardware, etc.



Working with you or your contractor in every step to make sure your space will function better before start of the project

Selling your house quicker by

re-arranging your furniture, art wall, and accessories. Also giving you tips room by room how to clean and de clutter the space to help buyers seeing themselves in your home.